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We’re committed to building long-lasting consulting relationships with you. Our area of specialty is two-pronged: implementing strategic business approaches for growth and offering professional relocation support that aids smooth migration.

Telling the Däv consulting Story

Our story is one of passion, bold steps, mistakes (lots of them), and many learning opportunities.I have been an expat since 2007, and yet, moving to Cyprus in 2020 felt really different, almost like my first experience as an expat – at least on an administrative level.

My focus was clear: we had to relocate our family and business to a new country with favourable laws and regulations, different from the previous countries I had stayed.

However, when I arrived, it wasn’t exactly a smooth transition. To understand how to properly navigate the existing system in Cyprus, I invested (and lost) a lot of time and energy. I made quite a number of costly mistakes too.

What eventually made the difference for me was that I met several driven local professionals who focused on offering personalized services. From these people, I learned how the system worked and gradually started to find my feet.

Nevertheless, as a quick study and business owner myself, I quickly found that most business services were designed to target large corporations with high turnover, without many options for smaller-sized businesses. This was a problem I identified and knew As a business

Over time, I quickly realized that most business services are designed for big companies with high turnover without many options for smaller-sized companies. This left a huge and rising gap and i saw how a lot of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs were struggling to stay afloat. I knew something had to be done about that I had already amassed enough experience to be the bringer of change.

On the strength of this experience, I decided to commit my new professional life through “Däv consulting” to offer personalized consulting services to business owners – small or big. I believe no matter the size, we should all have access to every critical resource and guidance necessary for businesses to thrive.

No matter where you are at, just entering into the entrepreneurial world or you’ve been around for a while, Däv consulting will assist you in discovering the actions, tools, and mindset needed to succeed. We give a chance to every creative and brave mind who wants to make a difference and live a life they will remember!
Cheers, Davina Daoud

Meet Däv

Hi! I’m Davina.

I was born in the south of France in the 80s. I started my professional path in 2004 and I have since then established myself across various fields like Management, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing & Business Development. I have had the pleasure of working within these fields and learning interesting and enriching lessons. This is how I learned and developed a great interest in the “B2C” (business to consumer) relationship. I became passionate about my consumers’ needs, their demands, finding solutions for them, and building on their loyalty. This naturally boosted my desire to discover more, learn, and push myself to another level. So after considering all the necessary factors (including the pros and cons), I chose to move to Lebanon.

I know you are now wondering, “why would a young French Lady decide to work in Lebanon?” It was an unusual and unique decision, yet it proved to be the best decision I ever made.

My experiences in Lebanon surpassed my career expectations. I was incredibly lucky to collaborate with good, creative, ambitious leaders who pushed themselves until their dreams came true. And so Lebanon transformed me from a young dreamy lady into a confident and determined woman. I found unconditional love as a wife and a mom there too.

However, due to political reasons and instability in Lebanon, my family and I moved to Cyprus in 2020 and we’ve been enjoying every aspect of the island life since.

Since we arrived here, I have successfully floated a few companies in Cyprus as short-term projects and helped individuals & families relocate to Cyprus.

So who exactly is Däv?

I am a management consultant for individuals, solopreneurs, freelancers, entrepreneurs & small businesses who have a passion for what they do. I collaborate with them to take control of their project and create opportunities.

I’m entrepreneurial so I believe that new challenges, growth, and improvement make life and business exciting and challenging.

I’m purpose-driven: I’m passionate about empowering people who share the same ethics and integrity as myself and creating solutions that make sense in our current world. And I absolutely love it!

I’m a lucky wife & mom of 2. And this is how I have learned about time constraints and became extremely efficient with work. I am focused on finding & maintaining a balance between my family and my professional journey.

I’m passionate about life and everything in it. Passion drives me toward my purpose (both in my personal and professional life). It fuels my motivation, boosts my focus, and fulfils my feelings. Passion brings out my most important values such as dedication, engagement, perseverance, and a doggedness toward improvement.

Fortunately, my experience has helped me gain a clear understanding of business challenges and how relocation procedures work. This is how I came to do all that I do today through Däv consulting.

I look forward to working with you through your challenges and would be happy to build your dream just as you see it as a consultant partner for your growth.

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