Tailor-made Management Consulting Services in Cyprus

Dedicated to individuals, solopreneurs/entrepreneurs & small businesses; scaling up ideas into success stories.

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We are fearless optimists: wild enough to believe, and tenacious enough to make it happen. Working with ambitious leaders who will advance the world with creative ideas.

About Us


An entrepreneur’s life can be lonely. From ideating ideas and doing all the planning by yourself, staying motivated becomes more difficult…


You probably decide to become a solopreneur or plan your relocation so you could pursue your passion, gain more freedom, and stop trading your time for money…

Building on a Project System

Creating the right structures to support efficiency and effectiveness requires time and experience…

Less Inconvenience and Uncertainty

As a solopreneur, there are always things to do that you either haven’t done before or don’t find enjoyable…

Managing Your Money

Money management is more than simply monitoring cash flow…


Anyone can talk a good game. See how we’ve helped ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners transform their ideas and improve their business processes.
Do you desire to transform your ideas into an actual project? Let’s partner with you and write your success story too.